Serious Sam Revolution

A modernized Serious Sam Classic for modern PC's, using the old engine and game physics, available for purchase right now on Steam as a standalone game, currently in Steam Early Access. Includes new gamemodes, optimized networking and a lot more, with a brand new campaign in development.

Serious Sam 3

And other unannounced projects. Ok I didn't make the entire thing, but you can spot a lot of smaller but still important codes running about that were authored by me.

Nimble Writer

Writing fiction just got easier, with this useful writing tool tailored to users who keep notes and reference material. It's based on Scintilla, and allows for a fullscreen mode to get all distractions out of the way to give authors a complete writing experience. (Actively in development!)


Program to easily take screenshot and text snippets and instantly upload them to a file host of one's choice such as Imgur or Dropbox, as well as allowing for custom addon support for users who's favorite host isn't supported by default.


Open source implementation of the StepMania Online protocol. With OpenSMO, you can host a dedicated StepMania Online server with ease. It's powered by C# and Python, and the server is very extendable allowing end-users to use custom Python scripts.

Other tools

A slum of other tools that I made over the years that are not worth its own project showcase, but still would like to mention for its historic value. Some of these tools are my very first programs that I published publicly years ago.

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